The impact of a well-crafted social media strategy on digital marketing is undeniable, serving as a powerful tool for businesses looking to carve their digital footprint. Additionally, the virtual landscape thrives on the prowess of social media algorithms, an all-powerful force with significant sway over the performance of your content. 

Therefore, a thorough understanding of these algorithmic engines is crucial if you want to achieve success online, as they determine not only the reach of your posts but also the number of people who see them. 

In this blog, we dig deeper to find the answers you need about how to use these social media algorithms to catapult your social media success to new heights…

What Are Social Media Algorithms?  

Social Media Algorithms are like guides that organise content in the world of social media. 

Basically, they employ rules to predict what each individual will like and interact with. 


Fun Fact

No social media users see the same content on their feeds daily, Additionally, even if two people follow the same accounts, their feeds will contain different content.

Did you know..?

Each major social media platform curates content using a “news feed” algorithm?



Why Does it Exist?

Think about all the content flooding social media platforms – countless posts, images, and videos pouring in every single minute, then, imagine trying to sort through this enormous stream account by account! It would be a daunting task, especially for users following many accounts. Therefore, this is where social media algorithms step in – they do the heavy lifting, delivering content you’ll likely enjoy and filtering out what’s not so relevant or high-quality.

However, there’s another perspective to consider, some believe that social media algorithms are designed to encourage brands to invest in paid ads. The idea is that if brands can’t reach their audience naturally, they’ll resort to ads, bringing in more revenue for the platforms.

Therefore, whether you see this as a bit skeptical or not, what’s clear is that social media algorithms are here to stay. Similarly, for brands, this means diving into understanding what these algorithms prefer, ensuring their content aligns and isn’t flagged as low-quality or irrelevant to their audience.


How do social media algorithm work

How Does it Work?

Social media algorithms are a blend of simplicity and complexity.

At their core, social media algorithms aim to deliver content that suits users’ interests.

Yet, behind the scenes, social media algorithms involve advanced concepts like machine learning and data science. They sift through data and rank posts using intricate criteria that might not be fully graspable for most marketers.

Still, social media algorithms aren’t complete mysteries.

At times, platforms share insights into what boosts content ranking and quality.

For instance, consider recent changes to the Facebook algorithm. They outlined key principles for accounts to thrive in the algorithm: emphasize meaningful conversations, steer clear of engagement gimmicks, and embrace native video content.

Likewise, Instagram shed light on their algorithm this year due to user requests for chronological order.

While platforms often keep social media algorithm specifics hushed, we can deduce changes through experimentation. Some marketers suspect Instagram’s algorithm is becoming less tolerant of overtly transactional posts.

Therefore, understanding social media algorithms demands a blend of hands-on testing and staying attuned to platform announcements. It might be a bit demanding, but it’s an essential endeavor.


Top Social Media Platforms and Their Algorithms

If you are using social media to market your business or if you are a content creator, you must have an idea about how each social media platform uses its specific algorithms to rank posts for its users. This way, you can ensure that you are putting the best content out there, making it most effective for gaining more engagement.

For your content to be able to appear in each news feed, let’s take a look at how social media channels are ranking posts based on their algorithms!

Top Social Media Platforms and Their Algorithms

  • Facebook Social Media AlgorithmFacebook Social Media Algorithm

In the realm of Facebook, every post undergoes a thorough algorithmic assessment, leading to a ranked order in users’ news feeds based on their interests. This algorithm, grounded in machine learning and data science, continuously evolves to deliver pertinent content.

As of 2022, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, declared that the news feed aims to provide “meaningful and informative” stories. 

The algorithm hinges on three key factors:

  • Content Source: Facebook showcases posts from accounts with which users interact. This encompasses friends, family, businesses, news outlets, and public figures they follow.
  • Content Type: The algorithm prioritizes posts based on the content type users engage with most, be it videos, images, or links.
  • Interactions: Engagement signals like likes, comments, and shares validate content quality. To captivate users and retain their interest, the algorithm promotes content already generating positive interactions within their online network.

Find more details on how the Facebook algorithm works here.


  • Instagram Social Media Algorithm instagram

Instagram’s algorithmic workings are shaped by the type of content at play. Distinct algorithms influence various facets of the platform:

  • Content Display Order: Posts’ arrangement in a user’s feed.
  • Explore Page Content: Featured content on the Explore page.
  • Reels Showcase: The sequence of featured Instagram Reels.
  • Stories Presentation: The order of Stories displayed at the top of the user’s feed.

Across all content genres and rich media, three vital factors determine content rankings:

  • Follower Relationships: Interacting more with a user results in more frequent appearance of their posts in your feed.
  • Relevance: Instagram observes user preferences, promoting tailored content.
  • Chronological Order: To ensure fresh and engaging content, Instagram emphasizes new posts, bolstering user engagement.

Instagram’s News Feed Algorithm

Instagram caters to users’ preference for friends’ content in their feeds. The algorithm uses data and forecasts to enhance user experience.

Key data used by the Instagram feed algorithm:

  • Post Details: Engagement rate (likes, comments, shares), publication date, hashtags, location tags, and user mentions.
  • Previous Interactions: The extent of interactions with other users impacts content visibility in your feed.
  • Your Activity: Recent likes and comments influence your feed’s content.
  • Profile Engagement: Frequent visits to certain profiles increase the appearance of their content in your feed.

Instagram’s Algorithm for Reels

Instagram spotlights Reels based on anticipated user interaction, akin to feed posts.

Factors impacting Reels promotion:

  • Watch Time and Replays
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Profile Taps
  • Instagram’s Algorithm for Stories

Priority in Stories’ order lies with engaging content from profiles you interact with—likes, reshares, comments, and saves.

Instagram’s Algorithm for Explore Page

The algorithm scrutinizes prior interactions to showcase content from unfamiliar accounts that align with user interests. Factors like sharing, liking, saving, and hashtag interactions drive this process.

Utilizing tools like SocialBee, you can diversify content types—images, videos, carousels, reels, and stories—for a compelling Instagram presence.

  • Twitter Social Media Algorithm twitter

Twitter employs algorithms to tailor each user’s encounter with the platform. Within the home timeline, Twitter showcases prominent tweets from followed accounts and other tweets deemed interesting based on user interactions.

Powering this algorithm is machine learning, which entails a complex web of factors. While the precise constituents remain elusive, Twitter does emphasize certain elements it considers pivotal for feed curation:

  • Recency: Recent tweets hold significance, earning higher visibility.
  • Relevance: Content resonating with user interests is prioritized.
  • Engagement: Tweets eliciting interactions take precedence.
  • Media Enrichment: Media-rich content like images, videos, GIFs, and polls enhances ranking.

Twitter further extends recommendations for accounts through the following cues:

  • User’s Contacts: Accounts associated with the user’s connections.
  • User’s Location: Geographical proximity influences recommendations.
  • User’s Twitter Activity: Interactions and behaviors on the platform.
  • User’s Activity on External Sites Linked to Twitter: Engagement beyond Twitter’s confines contributes to suggestions.

In addition, Twitter also offers promoted accounts for increased visibility and engagement. Unveiling Twitter’s algorithm highlights the delicate balance between user preferences, content quality, and promotional dynamics in microblogging.

  • LinkedIn Social Media Algorithm linkedin

When devising your LinkedIn social media strategy, a crucial aspect is comprehending how the platform ranks its posts—an area where LinkedIn stands relatively transparent.

Content is neatly categorized into three segments:

  • Spam Content: Promptly disregarded by the algorithm.
  • Irrelevant or Low-Quality Content: Finds its way to user feeds.
  • High-Quality Content: Also shared on feeds, but it faces an evaluation process within the subsequent hour.

During this evaluation period, LinkedIn’s algorithm scrutinizes engagement rates to determine which content earns promotion to more user feeds. Essentially, this means that the content resonating with users and sparking engagement is the content that LinkedIn favors.

The algorithm’s selection criteria are influenced by:

  • User’s Personal Connections: The closer the connection, the more likely the content appears on the user’s feed.
  • Relevance: Based on the user’s affiliations with groups, hashtags, and pages.
  • Probability of Engagement: Content that’s anticipated to garner interaction is prioritized.

To amass organic reach on LinkedIn, cultivating a robust community is paramount. 

  • Pinterest Social Media Algorithm Pinterest Social Media Algorithm

Pinterest, a haven for sharing images and videos, boasts the unique concept of boards and pinning, where users can curate and organize content that resonates with them. Therefore, for those navigating this visual realm, understanding the Pinterest algorithm is pivotal.

The algorithm’s intricate ranking system revolves around four key elements:

  • Domain Quality:

    When it comes to your website’s domain quality on Pinterest, things get pretty interesting. Pinterest isn’t just skimming the surface; it’s diving deep. It carefully examines how popular the pins from your website are. Those pins that really hit the sweet spot – the ones people can’t help but save, click, and interact with – they get a VIP treatment in the ranking. This is all about Pinterest’s way of saying, “Hey, we’re all about content that truly speaks to our users.”

  • Pin Quality:

    Now, let’s talk about pin quality. Pinterest doesn’t mess around when it comes to this. It’s all about authenticity and delivering the good stuff. The algorithm is like your friendly content detective, scanning for any hints of spammed behavior or recycled content. Additionally, Pinterest’s heart beats for originality – it’s all about making user experiences richer and steering clear of anything that feels fake.

  • Pinner Quality:

    When it comes to the people behind the pins, Pinterest’s algorithm has its eye on you. It’s like a talent scout at a show, watching closely who’s catching everyone’s attention. Those who know how to make heads turn and sparks fly, they get a nod from the algorithm. It’s a subtle reminder that being part of the Pinterest community, engaging and making your mark, can seriously amp up your algorithmic game.

  • Relevance of Topic to Keyword:

    Now, let’s dive into how Pinterest gets into your head with its algorithmic magic. It’s like it can read your mind. It knows that when you search, you’re looking for something specific. So, it makes sure the content that pops up fits like a glove. It’s not luck; it’s Pinterest’s way of saying, “We get you, and we’re going to give you exactly what you’re searching for.”

Therefore, nurturing a vibrant presence on Pinterest necessitates embracing these algorithmic insights. 

To thrive within this visually dynamic platform, crafting content that sparks authentic engagement, aligning with user interests, and fostering active participation are pivotal. 

The formula is simple: the more your content resonates, the more likely it is to flourish within the Pinterest ecosystem.

  • Tiktok Social Media Algorithm Tiktok Social Media Algorithm

In the digital marketing realm, videos are dynamite. A whopping 85% of marketers find videos attention-grabbing, and 94% admit videos have swayed their purchase choices. Amid this, TikTok stands tall as a video-focused platform.

Additionally, when unpacking TikTok’s algorithm, one key factor takes the spotlight: the For You page. Going viral on TikTok revolves around hitting as many custom For You pages as possible. Your follower count? It’s not the star. The star is your video’s captivating quality.

TikTok’s For You page, a customized content feed, delivers what users love. The secret sauce? A “recommendation system” algorithm does the magic. 

For your content to shine here:

  • User Interactions: Your actions shape your TikTok journey. Likes, dislikes guide what you see next.
  • Video Clues: Captions, hashtags, and more reveal your interests to TikTok.
  • Location Impact: TikTok aligns content with your locale for relatable joy.

So, remember, on TikTok, the number of eyes on your content isn’t the magic; the magic lies in making engaging, attention-grabbing videos that sync with TikTok’s algorithm.

  • Youtube’s Social Media Algorithm Youtube's Social Media Algorithm

While YouTube’s significance in the B2B landscape is growing, it’s a platform of paramount importance. A whopping 73% of US adults are aboard the YouTube train.

However, YouTube’s algorithm is famously intricate, employing various methods to showcase content to users.

Additionally, one common approach is suggesting related videos after you watch something. These might be linked by topic or the same creator.

YouTube’s Algorithm Features:

  • Relevant Recommendations: It suggests videos related to your past watching choices.
  • Creator Continuation: It offers content from the same creator you’ve enjoyed before.
  • Viral Video Spotlight: Even if it’s not your usual, viral videos get a nod.
  • Subscription Dive: You can toggle to see content from subscriptions in reverse order.
  • SEO Matters: Like Pinterest, YouTube has its algorithm, making SEO optimization crucial.

2022 & 2023 Updates:

  • The YouTube algorithm will prioritize engagement likelihood and content type over subscriber count in 2023. Nurturing your relationship with subscribers matters more. Make your channel’s theme clear to them.
  • As the YouTube landscape evolves, mastering its algorithm intricacies and employing savvy strategies can set you on a path to YouTube success.

How to make social media algorithms work for you

Having comprehended the significance of social media algorithms and their platform-specific variations, now let us delve into actionable insights.

Here are seven proven tactics for not just surviving, but thriving in the algorithmic landscape.

  •  Craft High-Quality, Relevant Content:

    Embark on your algorithmic journey by creating content that marries quality and relevance, this synergy serves as the cornerstone of algorithmic favor. Additionally, employ platform-specific features like stickers and sounds to optimize your content’s impact.

  • Fulfill Promises Authentically:

    Maintain trust with your audience by ensuring your content’s alignment with headlines, captions, and hashtags. Ideally, a genuine approach thwarts algorithmic skepticism and promotes visibility.

  • Ride the Wave of Trends:

    Stay attuned to trending topics that resonate with your brand identity. While not every trend suits your narrative, strategic alignment can amplify engagement. Tools like Google Trends and tailored social listening unveil opportunities.

  • Mastering the Time Game:

    Engage in algorithmic finesse by identifying the prime moments for posting. Therefore, capitalize on early engagement by sharing content when your audience is most active.

  • Spark Interaction and Involvement:

    Initiating early interaction is a linchpin in the algorithmic realm. Therefore, cultivate content that organically prompts likes, comments, shares, and saves. Ignite debates, ask thought-provoking questions, and orchestrate well-timed contests.

  • Navigating the Realm of Experimentation:

    Algorithmic success thrives on a blend of science and artistic experimentation. Embrace the mantra of constant testing, drawing inspiration from high-performing posts within your network.

  • Elevate Impact with Video Prowess:

    Amplify your algorithmic footprint through the strategic use of video content. Also, capitalize on platforms’ affinity for short-form videos, like Meta’s Reels, to unlock discovery and engagement opportunities.

Essentially, by amalgamating strategic insight, timely experimentation, and audience empathy, you can wield social media algorithms to your advantage. The journey entails meticulous adaptation, consistent measurement, and agile refinement. Embrace these tactics to not only decode algorithms but to elevate your digital influence with precision.


In the intricate landscape of social media algorithms, a nuanced approach is paramount. Therefore, marketers must delve into the unique intricacies of each platform to wield algorithmic power effectively. Similarly, this tailored strategy empowers content to flourish and captivate audiences.

Therefore, as the best leading advertising agency in Nairobi, we understand that crafting content in harmony with platform algorithms brings forth two pivotal advantages. First, your reach is magnified, reaching more eyes and ears. Second, interactions surge as your content resonates deeply with your audience. By embracing the diverse algorithms across platforms, your social media journey becomes a symphony of strategic success.

Contact us now and let’s embark on a journey to craft an unbeatable social media algorithm strategy that propels your business to the forefront of the digital landscape. 

Let’s navigate the realm of social media algorithms together and pave the way for your brand’s triumphant voyage in the digital realm!


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